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XSeries – The NextGen Community Selling Experience

Community selling has become, quite the daunting task with realtors and builders finding it difficult to convince their customers and smoothly sell their communities.

85% of home buyers, face difficulty in buying their dream home, because of a lack of proper visualization.

Which plot to choose! What colors do you want! How you want your floor plan to be! what color your wardrobe should be! where is the nearest school or hospital?
Get answers to all these questions with XSeries from Biorev

Gone are the days, when you would be having open houses and a bunch of people who would flood your property to get themselves the home of their dreams.

Home buying has seen a sea change in the age of social media.

Help your home buyers, visualize their dream home at the comfort of their couch, with XSeries

From selecting the plot that your home buyer would like, to selecting the best-looking fireplace. We have covered it all.

What is XSeries?

XSeries: is a completely interactive Home Sales Suite from Biorev.

Now you can give total freedom to your home buyers; right from lot selection to home customization.

Be it changing the color of the outer wall or altering the roof or making any changes in the interiors, XSeries: is the one-stop-shop for your home buyers for all their customization needs.

Your homebuyers can now get an exact picture of their dream home even before it is built.

XSeries is the next generation interactive home sales tool for builders, marketers, home developers which brings about a revolution in your home buying and selling experience.

Where it all started:

XSeries started as an endeavor to make home buying & home customization as easy as ordering your favorite pair of socks off of Amazon.

XSeries started as a fight towards a more interactive, a more immersive home buying experience.

Be it, helping your home buyer set a budget, finding the favorite piece of chandelier to planning a mortgage, we feel home buying & home customization should be nothing short of a 5star and a seamless experience.

The problems we want to solve:

Here are the problems that we at Biorev want to solve:

  • Making plot selection as easy and informed as possible
  • Making floor plans completely customizable and interactive
  • Creation and customization of homes right at your home buyer’s fingertips
  • Making mortgage calculation and interior customization a breeze

Our Solutions:

XPlat: Your home buyers get the freedom to choose their lot with one of our interactive apps, X-Plat360 It is the most advanced Interactive Lot and Elevation Management system with Digi Connect Features.

XHome: Let your home buyers experience the power of choice at their fingertips to create and customize their future home with our online interactive apps sales centre tool X-Home360.

XFloor: Our Cloud-based Interactive Floor & Options Management system. Your homebuyers can now MANAGE and MAINTAIN Floor options with ease.

XDesign: X-Design360 is your NextGen Virtual Design Centre, a part of interactive apps from Biorev that would empower your home buyers to visualize their selections and choices in Real-time.

XSeries Features:

xseries blog - interface

Friendly UI: XSeries360 features a friendly interface ensuring that it has elements that are easy to access, understand, and use to facilitate smooth functioning. The UI brings together concepts from interaction design, visual design, and information architecture.

xseries blog - worldwide

Integrated Google Maps: XSeries360 features Google Maps integration to help your home buyers select their dream home, while getting complete information on all the amenities in and around the area. Find educational, recreational, healthcare, and many more facilities and make an informed choice.

xseries blog - wheel

Color Schemes for Elevation: Don’t want to be short of options for colors? We have it sorted. Choose from a range of color schemes available. Select and see exactly how a dream home would look like in the selected color.

xseries blog - comments

On click comment: Now you can mention your comments related to a particular floor or feature about the interior or exterior right by clicking on that particular part. You can also upload a reference image and inform the builder about your preference directly through the app.

xseries blog - blueprint

Floor Plan per elevation: Get the freedom to add floor plans for every elevation that you select. You can also mention your preferences in every floor plan by using the On-Click Comment feature and inform about your preferences directly to the builder right away from the interactive app itself.

xseries blog - discount

Mortgage Calculator: Use our mortgage calculator to estimate your mortgage payment, with taxes and insurance. Choose and customize your dream home as per your budget as our mortgage calculator gives you the closest estimate of the amount you would be shelling out to build your dream home.

xseries blog - information

Property Info at Your Fingertips: Get complete information about your selected property in one place by the click of a button. Get details about the property area, no. bedrooms, washrooms, garage, and also the estimated price. You won’t have to switch back & forth to get the details.

xseries blog - support

24X7 chat support: XSeries360 features 24×7 chat support. We have ensured that you are always on the go with your dream home selection. Now, connect with our chat support whenever you want and get help with any of the customizations you are looking for.

To Sum it Up:

Home buying & home customization has always been an exhilarating and once in a lifetime experience for everyone out there. With X Series, we at Biorev want to make the experience a little more intuitive, interactive and immersive.

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