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1. What is XSeries?

XSeries is a completely interactive Home Sales Suite from Biorev. Now you can give total freedom to your customers; right from lot selection to home customization. Be it changing the color of the outer wall or altering the roof or making any changes in the interiors, XSeries is the one-stop-shop for your customers for all their customization needs. Your customers can now get an exact picture of their dream home even before it is built. XSeries is the next generation interactive home sales tool for builders, marketers, home developers, and homebuyers which brings about a revolution in your home buying and selling experience.

2. What are the different components of XSeries?
  1. XPlat – Homesite Selector
  2. XHome – Home Visualizer
  3. XFloor – Floor Customizer
  4. XDesign – Virtual Design Center
3. How can I subscribe to XSeries?
  1. Go to https://xseries360.com/subscriptions
  2. Explore our subscription plans
  3. Request a quote
4. What are the subscription charges?

Know more about our subscription plans at https://xseries360.com/subscriptions/

5. Can I customize XSeries to my business requirements?

You can choose from a range of customization options available and integrate all the features on demand.

6. Can I subscribe for individual components rather that the whole package?

Absolutely. You can choose the components based on your requirements.

8. Is it very difficult to install XSeries?

Not at all. Our technical team will do it for you; ABSOLUTELY FREE!

9. What is the minimum server requirement for installing XSeries?
  1. 1 GB RAM
  2. Apache Server (PHP version 7.0 and later)
  3. MySQL server 5.0
  4. Minimum 2GB HDD/SDD
10. What if I get stuck during the installation process?

We have got you covered throughout the installation process.

11. Do you provide any post installation support?

Yes. In the event of any issues faced, raise a support ticket instantly and we assure you to resolve it in the shortest turnaround time.

12. What is the maximum visitor load at any given point of time?

By default, 10,000 visitors can be sustained at any given point of time. Can be scaled up as per requirement.

13. How to manage bulk data in XSeries?

You can upload bulk data directly through Google Sheet or Excel.

14. Can I save my choices to view them later?

Yes. XSeries has been designed in a way to keep your choices safe and secure for you to come back later and work upon it.

15. How can I view my previously generated estimates?

After logging in to your profile, go to Estimate History and you can view all your previously generated estimates with a few clicks.

16. How can I get an overview of the point of interest of my prospective customers?

XSeries has an embedded product analytics section you can get a bird’s eye view about the most preferred choice of your prospective customers.